Matilda goes Bananas!

It’s been another really fantastic week in Matilda class. The children have been working incredibly hard across all their subjects but that doesn’t mean that there is no room for a little fun.

To help their learning of fractions (halving and quartering) we threw an exclusive, invite only, picnic! The children had great fun creating half and quarters of all sorts of different food; apples, oranges and bananas to name just a few. So now they have no excuse to not help in the kitchen!

Speaking of bananas, the children have been working so hard to write their reports on the Minions from Despicable Me, great lovers of the yellow curvy fruit. They have come up with so many facts about the little rascals! After finishing their reports, the children had the chance to be like a real reporter from the news and read aspects of their report to the rest of the class. I must say I was very impressed!

To top it off the children have been creating their own split pin and sliding paper card creations for DT. They have done an excellent job at expressing themselves and making some truly unique creations.
In science we have been looking for all of the signs of spring. The children went outside to look at the frogs in our pond and spotted the many flowers that have come up in the (slowly) improving weather.

Have a lovely weekend, I will see you on Monday.

Many thanks

Mr Seddon

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