Robinson Class

We have had a very busy term, I cannot believe we only have a few days left till the Easter break.

In English, the children have learnt to write wishing stories. The children used the story ‘The Curious Garden’ to support the structure of their own stories. We had stories about dinosaurs wishing for friends, children wishing to be famous singers, hedgehogs wishing to win races and much more. The children took their stories home to show you how awesome they are. I am very proud.

In Maths, the children have been learning to multiply and divide. The children have learnt how to share and group numbers to support their division, including using counters, numicon or drawing a pictorial representation to support their workings out. We have been so impressed with how confident and determined the children have been to learn.

In DT, the children have made moving monsters. The children had to design their monster and then use tubes and air to blow up a balloon to make the mouth open. We had a lot of fun learning how to do this.

In Geography, the children have learnt about food from around the world. We have looked at different foods and where they come from. The children have become more confident locating countries on maps and discussed how the countries differ from the food they provide.

In Science, we have been learning about nutrition and how to keep our bodies healthy. The children have learnt a range of bones and we have discussed how our skeleton helps keep our organs safe and helps us to move. We have looked at how we keep our bodies healthy and what we can do in the future to promote this further.  Recently,  we  used  cardboard and elastic bands to  recreate  muscles.


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