Murray Class – Happy Easter!

We had a lovely last day today before our Easter break. It was extra special because we enjoyed some time in the outdoor classroom this afternoon.

While we were there we shared one thing we are proud of this term and one thing we are looking forward to when we return.
Here are some of the lovely things that were shared!

‘I’m proud of myself for my reading.’

‘I’m proud of myself for my writing and my letter.’

‘I’m proud of everyone for working hard every day.’

’I’m proud of my maths!’

‘I’m proud of the teachers for working hard and teaching us lots of new things.’

’I’m proud of the people who put the outdoor classroom together so that we can enjoy it.’

Some of the things that we are looking forward to are…

  • Harder maths!
  • more writing
  • another hot write
  • time in the outdoor classroom
  • science
  • and so many more!

So many things to be proud of and so many things to look forward to.
We are all very proud of you for all of your hard work!

We hope that you all have a restful, relaxing break and we can’t wait to see you when we return.

Miss Gedney, Mrs Walker, Mrs Kaye and Mrs Rogojina

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