Robinson Class

Robinson class have been thoroughly enjoying the sunshine outside in our Forest School session.

First, we went into the outdoor classroom and looked at the new power source. We learnt about wind power and how the turbine on the roof was producing electricity for the classroom. We completed an activity identifying different things that birds eat looking specifically at what is or isn’t an insect. Then the children used hoops to create bird feeders to hang in the trees.

When we went into forest school we discussed the changes we could see now we are fully in Spring. The children found it much easier to find hiding places in our games with the leaves and blossom.

After that, we worked as a team to create a crown out of sticks. We had to think carefully about the size and thickness of the sticks to suit our crown.

Once the children had finished they had time to explore the forest and make their favourite characters out of natural resources. There were great discussions on length and appropriateness of stick sizes and shapes to make their characters.

Well done everyone.

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