Shoe Museum

We started to learn all about the history of the shoe industry in Northampton this week.  It has been great to hear about the experiences some of the children had over the holiday to visit Northampton Museum and the shoe display so we decided to make our own museum and be historians by looking for clues about who might have warn them, what they would have used them for and what the shoes were made of.  The children were great at making observations and suggestions.

This afternoon we had to release our butterflies.  We have had a brilliant few weeks watching them change from caterpillars.  It has been lovely hearing the children recalling the facts they learnt in reception and as I really love the process I thought we could observe this again in year 1! We were very lucky that the butterflies wanted to stay around for a little while when we open the net and we were all able to hold a a butterfly before they flew away.

We are having a great first week back.  The children have been brilliant authors writing their own short lost and found story based on Rosie’s Hat and have been great mathematicians recalling numbers to 100 and placing them correctly on number lines whilst explaining the reason for their placement in relation to other numbers.

Well done Paddington Class!

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